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A Car’s Age Can Impact Your Risk of Injury in Philadelphia


A recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) details a direct correlation between the age and model year of a car at the time of an accident and the severity of injuries sustained.

The study reviewed data from 117,957 fatally injured individuals and 133,869 injured survivors from 2005 to 2011. The severity of injuries sustained was cross-evaluated with the age of the vehicle and model year. The analysis shows that drivers of older vehicles are more likely to be fatally injured than those driving newer vehicles. The data goes on to explain that vehicles over 18 years of age were 71 percent more likely to be fatally injured than a driver of a vehicle under three years old.

In addition to this startling data, the report details the increased risk of fatal injury as the age of the vehicle increases. The following shows the age of the vehicle and the corresponding increase in risk of fatal injury over cars under three years old:

  • Vehicles 4-7 years old – 10% increase
  • Vehicles 8-11 years old – 19% increase
  • Vehicles 12-14 years old – 32% increase
  • Vehicles 15-17 years old – 50% increase


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