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Anticipating the Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Timeline


Waiting for your Social Security disability (SSD) benefits to be approved can often feel like an eternity. For many reasons, Pennsylvania SSD applications can be held up or deterred from timely processing. A disability claim can be processed in as few as three to five months if it is approved in the initial stages. However, if the process is delayed at any step, or if you are unjustly denied and need to appeal, the benefits process could take much longer.

Expedited Approvals

In some cases, the Social Security disability benefits process can be expedited. These cases often involve very serious, often deadly illnesses or injuries and are listed under a “compassionate allowances” clause. These “compassionate allowances” list of over 200 illnesses and impairments that qualify for expedited processing, assisting families and individuals who are seriously ill.

Average Length of SSD Approvals

For health issues that are not listed under the compassionate allowances or qualify for expedited processing, the average applicant can expect the process to take anywhere from three to five months for approval. Some cases may receive a decision sooner or later than this average time-frame. The delay is often tied to how long it takes to obtain and receive medical documentation. Medical documentation is the single most important piece of information the Social Security Administration (SSA) will receive about your medical condition and its effect on your ability to work. The quicker the SSA receives full documentation of your medical condition, with specific details on how it affects your working life, the sooner you can get a decision that will positively affect your life.


Denials can cause the process to be much longer. Denials can happen for a variety of reasons and most commonly is due to missing or incomplete medical records. Denials can be appealed and each appeal must go through a process unto itself.

The road to receiving Social Security disability benefits in Pennsylvania can be a long and frustrating one. In addition to the frustrations of lost wages, lost health insurance and the pain and difficulties associated with a disabling condition, the SSD benefits process can seem painfully long. If you or a loved one is unable to work due to a disabling condition, contact the compassionate and experienced team at Mednick, Mezyk & Kredo. Our Pennsylvania SSD attorneys have the experience to help you win your case in a timely manner. For a free consultation, call us today at 888-807-WORK (9675).

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