Ardmore PA Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Were you injured at work and now your employer is trying to get out of paying you the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve? Or are your bosses trying to terminate your benefits too soon? Or is the insurance company’s doctor saying you are fully recovered and can return to work when you know you are still injured? If so, we are here for you. We help clients in a variety of professions and industries get the benefits they deserve. We’ve had notable successful outcomes for all professions, including:

  • Construction workers, electricians, plumbers, painters
  • Bus drivers, truck drivers, furniture movers, delivery men
  • Factory workers, machine operators, maintenance workers
  • Police, security guards, law enforcement agents
  • City workers, office workers, teachers, custodians, secretaries
  • Airline employees including baggage handlers, flight attendants and aircraft cleaning crews

Get Justice For Your Pain and Suffering

The MMK Advantage: The attorneys at Mednick, Mezyk & Kredo used to be defense lawyers. That means we’ve had an inside view of how insurance companies approach personal injury and workers’ compensation cases in Pennsylvania. We know what to be aware of and what to watch out for, helping us build your case quite impressively.

You may not realize this, but if we don’t win your case, we don’t get paid. Money has a tendency to stop people from consulting a lawyer, but if you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, there’s no reason for you to wait any longer. We hope you will take us up on the opportunity to provide you with a FREE consultation.  If we don’t thoroughly impress you with our knowledge of the law and what we can do for you, then you are under no obligation to hire us.