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Our blog is where we provide advice, tips and talk about the latest legal news in the area and across the nation.

A Car’s Age Can Impact Your Risk of Injury in Philadelphia


A recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) details a direct correlation between the age and model […]

Understanding Pennsylvania Workplace Hazards for Teenagers


A part-time job is often a rite of passage for many teens. The sense of responsibility, combined with the earning […]

Total Workplace Health Programs May Help Keep More Workers Healthy


An emerging organizational strategy from National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) called Total Worker Health™, aims to integrate […]

New Report Shows Workplace Dangers for Older Americans


Recent research by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that employees aged 55-64 who drive for […]

Frustrations Can Derail Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Claims


For individuals injured on the job in Pennsylvania, the road to workers’ compensation benefits can be filled with unexpected issues […]

Repetitive Motion Can Cause Major Injuries for Pennsylvania Workers


When it comes to a Philadelphia workplace injury, one often thinks of the immediate, sudden accidents such as those in […]

Company Downsizing Linked to Workplace Injuries


For many, the economic downturn has included a fair share of layoffs due to budget cuts and company closings. These […]

Anticipating the Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Timeline


Waiting for your Social Security disability (SSD) benefits to be approved can often feel like an eternity. For many reasons, […]

Category: Social Security

Hot Weather Still a Threat for Workplace Heat Illness in Pennsylvania


Though summer may be drawing to a close, those infamous “dog days” are upon us. The high heat and humidity […]

Are There Hidden Hazards in Pennsylvania Offices?


The Office of Compliance (OOC) is a federal government agency that manages safety in legislative areas such as the U.S […]

Pennsylvania Among States With Highest Workplace Injuries


A new report by insurance carrier Allsup details which states and industries see the highest rate of injury throughout the […]

Ten Dangerous Situations That Can Cause Philadelphia Dog Attacks


Philadelphia dog bites can happen in an instant, sometimes changing the lives of the victim and their family permanently. Some […]

Category: Dog Bites

Common Workplace Hazards Putting Philadelphia Workers at Risk


Each day millions of individuals head to work with no thought that today might be the day they suffer a […]

Philly Slip-and-Fall Attorney: Preventing Accidents at the Pool


Often respites from hot, humid summer days, swimming pools are the perfect summer oasis. Sadly, these oases are not without […]

Category: Slip and Fall

Common Fatal Work-Related Accidents in Pennsylvania


When many of us head to work, we often do not think that this could be the last time we […]

Back Injuries Prove Costly for Pennsylvania Workers


It might be surprising just how quickly the costs of work-related back injuries in Pennsylvania can add up. The costs […]

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You Can Prevent Highway Work Zone Injuries in Pennsylvania


Every year, more than 40,000 Americans are injured in road construction work zone accidents. In 2012, 1,661 of work zone […]

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Filing for PA Worker’s Compensation After a Construction Site Death


Pennsylvania construction sites are inherently dangerous workplaces. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) considers the construction trades […]


Preventing Computer Vision Syndrome in the PA Workplace


Computer vision syndrome is an eye condition that is caused by improper computer use. According to the National Institute of […]

Procedures for Gathering Evidence After Pennsylvania Vehicle Accident


It’s midweek and you are sipping coffee while driving on the same Pennsylvania highway you use each day on your […]

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Allentown Construction Workers Risk Serious Eye Injuries


Construction workers have dangerous jobs. They work with hazardous machines and heavy objects. They often do their work hundreds of […]

Acute and Overuse Shoulder Injuries: Does the Difference Matter?


If you do physically demanding work, you could suffer a shoulder injury. Shoulder injuries are very common workplace injuries. You […]

Prevent On-the-job Rotator Cuff Injuries


If you have a job that requires heavy lifting, pulling, reaching, or repetitive shoulder motion, you are at risk of […]

You May Need Vaccinations after a Philly Dog Bite


If you or your child is bitten by a dog in Pennsylvania, it is important to seek medical attention. You […]

Category: Dog Bites

Seniors at Greater Risk of Fall Injuries, Says Pennsylvania Law Firm


There have been many studies concerning slip-and-fall accidents in the United States. Slip-and-fall accidents fall under premises liability and are […]

Category: Slip and Fall

Social Security Administration Has Special Rules for Blind Applicants


Losing your vision affects every part of your life. Even everyday activities such as choosing an outfit or flossing your […]

Category: Social Security