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Dog Bites

Important First Aid for an Elderly Dog Bit Victim


Mrs. Hamilton was an active 75-year-old. She often took long walks in her suburban Philadelphia neighborhood. She enjoyed chatting with […]

Category: Dog Bites

Five Dog Bite Infections to Worry About Instead of Rabies


When you are bitten by a dog, the first question you’ll be asked is if the dog has had its […]

Category: Dog Bites

Protecting Your Rights in Determining Liability in a Dog Attack


Millions of dog owners around the country enjoy the perks of having the companionship of a dog. Their unconditional love […]

Category: Dog Bites

Dog Bites: Claims and Damages From Dog Bites Increasing Across U.S.


Over the past decade, costs for dog bite claims have risen more than 50 percent, costing homeowners and insurance carriers […]

Category: Dog Bites

Ten Dangerous Situations That Can Cause Philadelphia Dog Attacks


Philadelphia dog bites can happen in an instant, sometimes changing the lives of the victim and their family permanently. Some […]

Category: Dog Bites

You May Need Vaccinations after a Philly Dog Bite


If you or your child is bitten by a dog in Pennsylvania, it is important to seek medical attention. You […]

Category: Dog Bites

Reasons Why Dogs in Pennsylvania Are a Bite Threat to Children


During a four-year period, research was done on 111 cases of dog bites involving children. The medical journal Injury Prevention […]

Category: Dog Bites

Scars Are a Lasting Reminder of a Pennsylvania Dog Bite


Dog bite victims are often left with physical scars or deformities. They are also left with psychological scars. Unfortunately, physical […]

Category: Dog Bites

Avoiding Dog Bites at Philadelphia Dog Parks


Dog parks are meant to be a fun place where dogs can roam free and play with their other furry […]

Category: Dog Bites

Top Five Reasons Seemingly Innocent Dogs Attack in Pennsylvania


For many, the sight of a friendly dog brings a smile and a welcoming reflex of warmth and openness. Often, […]

Category: Dog Bites

Allentown Dog Bite Lawyer Shares Reasons Why Dogs Bite Children


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that over 800,000 people—half of them children—seek medical attention for a dog bite […]

Category: Dog Bites

Dog Breeds Labeled As The Most Dangerous


Did you know that in 2006, more than 31,000 people underwent reconstructive surgery because a dog bit them? In fact, […]

Category: Dog Bites