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Social Security

Cost of Living Increase for Individuals Receiving SSD Benefits


As we near 2014, millions of Americans who receive Social Security disability benefits will receive a cost of living adjustment […]

Category: Social Security

Criteria the SSA Uses to Determine If You Are Disabled


The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides benefits to individuals who are disabled and cannot work. The benefit programs (SSI and […]

Category: Social Security

What You Need to Know Before Applying for Pennsylvania SSD Benefits


Applying for Pennsylvania Social Security disability benefits can be a difficult, complex and confusing process. Our experience as SSD attorneys […]

Category: Social Security

Disability Benefits for Wounded Warriors in Pennsylvania


They protect our country from harm, but who protects them if they are injured while serving our country? Thankfully, for […]

Category: Social Security

Could Other Disability Programs Affect Your Application for SSD?


When you’re unable to work due to a life-altering illness or disability, it can be frustrating adjusting to the lack […]

Category: Social Security

Anticipating the Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Timeline


Waiting for your Social Security disability (SSD) benefits to be approved can often feel like an eternity. For many reasons, […]

Category: Social Security

Social Security Administration Has Special Rules for Blind Applicants


Losing your vision affects every part of your life. Even everyday activities such as choosing an outfit or flossing your […]

Category: Social Security

Pennsylvania Disabled Children: Facts on Social Security Benefits


We live in an era where meeting financial obligations each month, for many families, continues to be more difficult. Families […]

Category: Social Security

Philadelphia SSDI Attorney | SSDI Benefits After Returning to Work


The most common reason that people stop receiving Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits in Pennsylvania is because they are able […]

Category: Social Security

Who’s Entitled to Survivor Social Security Benefits in Pennsylvania?


If a person dies who has worked and paid Social Security taxes, then their surviving family members may be entitled […]

Category: Social Security

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey Pushes for SSA Pilot Extension


Last summer, the Social Security Administration unveiled a pilot program aimed at preventing convicted criminals from becoming managers of another’s […]

Category: Social Security

New Compassionate Allowances Help Disabled Pennsylvanians


The Compassionate Allowances (CAL) initiative was created by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to process disability claims quicker for applicants […]

Category: Social Security

What You Might Not Know About PA Social Security Disability Hearings


By the time that you are ready to file for a Social Security disability appeals hearing you have likely already […]

Category: Social Security

What You Need to File in a Pennsylvania Social Security Disability Claim


The process of filing for government benefits, including Social Security disability benefits, can be overwhelming. However, following the government’s rules […]

Category: Social Security

Disabled Student Loan Borrowers Catch a Break


Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be exhausting enough, but up until now, disabled student loan borrowers who were […]

Category: Social Security