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Workers’ Compensation

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What Every PA Construction Worker Needs to Know About Hypothermia


After January’s deep freeze, 30-degree weather doesn’t seem quite as chilly as it did prior to the Polar Vortex ascension. […]

How Wind Chill Affects Pennsylvania Construction Workers


The Polar Vortex dealt us single digit temperatures, with wind chill factors in the minus zone. Unfortunately, those cold temps […]

Philadelphia Nurses’ Guide to Workplace Injury Prevention


Nurses work in hospitals, schools, clinics, doctor’s offices, elder care facilities, and private homes. But, no matter where a nurse […]

Nursing: Third Most Violent Occupation in Pennsylvania


Nurses are rank third, right below police officers and correctional officers, for injuries due to workplace violence. Each week, eight […]

Scalds: Leading Cause of Burns in PA Workplaces


Scalds are the leading cause of burn injuries among Pennsylvania workers. Learn what to do if you suffer a scald […]

Prevalent Substances That Can Cause Chemical Burns in PA Workplaces


Chemical burns can be very serious injuries that cause severe and permanent tissue damage. The severity of a chemical burn […]

Adjust Your Seat to Prevent Workplace Driving Injuries


If driving is a regular part of your workday, you may experience occasional or chronic neck and back pain. In […]

On-the-job Driving Can Be Hazardous to Your Health


If your job involves driving in Philadelphia traffic, you are probably aware that there is a risk of on-the-job injury. […]

Ten Things to Do After an On-the-Job Traffic Accident


Our Philadelphia work injury attorneys tell you how to protect your PA Workers’ Compensation claim after an on-the-job auto accident. […]

Court Orders Workers Comp for PA Trooper Who Witnessed Crash


On November 29, 2006, Pennsylvania State Trooper Philip Payes was on his way to the state police barracks in Newport. […]

Why Police Officers Are Denied Workers’ Compensation Benefits


Police officers have intrinsically dangerous jobs. When a Philadelphia police officer arrives at the scene of a crime, he has […]

Pennsylvania Steel Worker’s Guide to Asbestos-Related Disease


Two-thousand years ago, the Roman historian Pliny the Elder noticed that slaves who worked in asbestos mines often suffered from […]

Five Steps to Eye Safety in the Workplace


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 2000 workers in the United States sustain a job-related […]

Work-Related Hearing Loss Affects Millions


It may be hard to imagine you could ever lose your hearing, let alone go deaf as a direct result […]

Nail Guns Pose Serious Threat to Construction Workers in Pennsylvania


Often used in building and construction trades to increase productivity, nail guns are a serious threat for on-the-job injuries. While […]

Prevent Workplace Chemical Exposure: Know These Toxic Materials


While there are millions of workers in the United States that may go their entire career without being exposed to […]

Skin Exposure on the Job – Are You At Risk?


According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 13 million workers are exposed to dangerous chemicals that can […]

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Benefits – Are You Covered?


You never quite expect to be injured on the job, but when you are, you expect to be compensated. But, […]

Preventing Workplace Injuries: Health Hazards vs. Safety Hazards


There are certain hazards in the workplace that can cause serious illnesses and injuries. Knowing the types of hazards that […]

Employer Retaliation for Workplace Injury an Alarming Trend


New data suggests an alarming new trend in employer retaliation towards employees who are injured on the job. According to […]

Who’s Most at Risk for Work-Related Injuries?


When it comes to work-related injuries and illnesses in Pennsylvania, one age group is more likely to be hurt and […]

Annual Price Tag for Healthcare Workers’ Workplace Injuries: Billions


Healthcare workers around the United States put the needs of their patients ahead of their own on almost a daily […]

Workplace Violence a Threat to Philadelphia Workers


When you go to work each day, you hardly imagine that you will encounter a violent situation. However, the sad […]

Ergonomics Can Help Lower Workplace Injury in Philadelphia


Ergonomics is the science of designing a job to fit the employee, instead of forcing an employee to physically adapt […]

Workplace Injury Threats for Postal Workers


Nor rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night will keep them from delivering our mail each day. But serious illness […]

Deadliest Workplace Accidents in Pennsylvania and Across the Country


The freedoms of working outdoors are often coveted by those who are stuck inside for over eight hours a day. […]