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Could my activity on social media affect my workers’ compensation claim?


Absolutely! While a seemingly innocent post or picture may not appear to contradict your injury, lawyers for insurance companies are paid to use this information against you. Some courts do allow social media as evidence, so it is important to ensure that you are not posting or illustrating anything that may contradict your injury claim.

Some important things to keep in mind about posting on social media while in the process of applying for your workers’ compensation claim:

  • Refrain from posting specifics about the litigation process on social media, and do speak from anger. A seemingly innocent voice of frustration with regards to the process could cause tension between you and your employer, their legal team or the administrators overseeing your case.
  • Posting pictures of you playing sports, talking about strenuous activity, or showcasing anything on social media that seems to lessen the impact of your illness or injury can be damaging. Refrain from posting anything that could be twisted to be used against you.
  • Advise your friends and family not to post about your case or tag you in social media postings that may be misconstrued.
  • Turn privacy settings to their maximum levels. Social media channels like Facebook have settings that require you to approve being tagged in pictures and posts as well as privacy settings that make your posts private rather than public. While some jurisdictions may be able to pull even private postings, you can make yourself more difficult to find on social media, thereby enhancing your privacy.


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