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My automobile was rear-ended in Philadelphia by a teenager with a learner’s permit. Do I have a right to pursue a case against him?


In Pennsylvania, teenagers with learners’ permits must have a licensed adult (preferably a guardian) in the vehicle with them at all times. This licensed adult or guardian is legally responsible for the permit holder’s actions. Though they are in a learning environment, accidents most certainly happen and the law ensures that any injuries or damage sustained in these accidents are covered. In most cases, children with learners’ permits are covered under their parents’ auto policy (or umbrella policy) and thus allow you to have an avenue to pursue for injuries sustained in your Philadelphia motor vehicle accident.

Hopefully the insurance policy holder was in the vehicle along with the teen and provided the insurance information to you or to the police after the accident occurred.  It is advisable to get a copy (if you haven’t already) of your accident report from the police and share it with a lawyer immediately.  Legal experts know what to look for and they understand how to best proceed with a claim.

You absolutely can pursue responsible parties for injuries you sustained in an auto accident in Philadelphia. Call upon experienced legal experts who have your best interest in mind; they will navigate the complexities of liability and obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries, medical bills, and lost wages. Contact the reliable Philadelphia auto accident attorneys of Mednick, Mezyk & Kredo at 888-807-WORK (9675) today for a free case evaluation.