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What causes dogs to attack in Philadelphia?


Dogs, like humans, are very complex creatures. They shower us with unconditional love and feel like part of the family. But what happens when you encounter a dog you do not know, who seems agitated and angry?

To avoid a dangerous situation, it’s important to keep in mind the following top reasons that dogs attack in Philadelphia:

  • They are protecting a possession like food, water, toys or puppies.
  • They are protecting their owner’s property or their resting place.
  • The dog has been provoked or agitated.
  • The dog is “having a bad day” – even dogs have bad days. If they are grumpy and are in no mood for human contact, they could be more likely to lash out.
  • The dog has been startled, or snuck up on.
  • The dog is injured or sick.
  • The dog desires to exert its dominance.
  • Redirected aggression – this occurs when a well-intentioned individual attempts to break up a fight between two dogs or a dog and a person, then the dog redirects its aggression towards the new person.


Keep in mind this is not intended to be a comprehensive list, however, it helps to paint a picture of what may cause dogs to attack in Philadelphia. Dog attacks are traumatic and potentially life-changing. The expenses associated with a dog attack can add up quickly, so be sure to document all medical bills, treatment, and lost wages from being out of work.

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