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What should I do after a suspected drugged driving accident?


The incidents of drugged driving accidents are on the rise. In 1999, drugged driving accounted for 16 percent of fatal crashes. Now drugs are a factor in almost one-third of car accident deaths. You have the right to claim damages if you are injured by a drugged driver. However, the fact that the other driver was clearly at fault does not mean you will get the settlement you deserve. The insurance company will do its best to reduce your settlement.

Steps to Take After a Drugged Driving Accident

  • Call 911. Tell the dispatcher that you are injured and ask to have an officer come to the scene.
  • Stay with your vehicle until the police officer arrives.
  • Leave your vehicle where it is. Don’t move it unless it is necessary to protect your safety.
  • Avoid interacting with the other driver. A person who is impaired by drugs or alcohol may be dangerous.
  • Once the officer is on the scene, you can get out of your vehicle and request names and phone numbers from any witnesses.
  • Ask the police officer to get the driver’s contact information.
  • Ask the officer how you can obtain a copy of his accident report.
  • Use your cell phone to photograph the accident scene, the position of the vehicles, the damage to your car and your injuries. If you think the driver is impaired, and it is safe to do so, you can film his behavior at the scene of the crash.
  • Get medical care. Go to the emergency room or make a same day appointment with your personal physician. Follow all of your doctor’s instructions.
  • Keep a journal and copies of all reports and medical bills. Write down everything you can remember about the crash, including the driver’s behavior.
  • Place your clothing and any damaged property in a bag. Your attorney may want to use these items as evidence.
  • Be careful when dealing with the insurance company. Refer the insurance adjuster to your accident attorney. Don’t accept a settlement or sign an offer until you’ve discussed your case with your lawyer.


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