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Important First Aid for an Elderly Dog Bit Victim


Mrs. Hamilton was an active 75-year-old. She often took long walks in her suburban Philadelphia neighborhood. She enjoyed chatting with her neighbors and admiring their gardens. But, one day that all changed. A neighbor had left his gate open and his Pit bull escaped. The dog knocked Mrs. Hamilton over and bit her on the leg. A neighbor witnessed the accident and called 911.

When a senior is attacked by a dog, it is important to act fast. Older people are more likely to suffer serious injuries in a dog attack. They are also more likely to experience ongoing complications.

Important Steps to Take When an Elderly Relative Is Attacked by a Dog

  • Go to the emergency room. Don’t wait to seek medical attention. It is important that the victim see a doctor immediately. Older people are more likely to suffer serious injuries from a dog bite. They also have a higher risk of infection. The doctor will clean the wound, prescribe an antibiotic and determine if there are hidden injuries.
  • Watch for signs of infection. Pre-existing medical conditions may mean that seniors are more susceptible to life-threatening infections from dog bites, such as Capnocytophaga and Pasteurellosis.
  • Watch for slow-healing wounds. Heart conditions and diabetes can affect the rate of healing. Slow-healing wounds may require additional medical attention.


Treating a dog bite injury can be very expensive, especially when there is scarring. Pennsylvania dog bite law requires dog owners to pay the medical bills resulting from a serious dog bite injury. However, insurance companies will often offer a settlement that is much less than the victim deserves. Mednick, Mezyk & Kredo, P.C., offers free consultations to Philadelphia dog bite victims. Call us at 888-807- 9675 to schedule your appointment.

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