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Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon for Your PA Dog Bite Scars

Many Pennsylvania dog bite victims are left with scars or disfigurement from their injuries. These aren’t just unsightly; they are also painful reminders of the dog attack.

Reconstructive plastic surgery can reduce or hide dog bite scars; however, the thought of plastic surgery can be scary. The internet is full of pictures of plastic surgery gone wrong. How do you know that you won’t become a plastic surgery horror story?

The best way to ensure successful scar reduction surgery is to choose a plastic surgeon that specializes in reconstructive surgery. Our Allentown dog bite lawyers have a five-step plan for finding a qualified reconstructive surgeon to treat your Pennsylvania dog bite scars:

  1. Get recommendations. Start asking your friends, family, and healthcare providers for plastic surgeon recommendations. Keep asking till you have several names to choose from.
  2. Check the plastic surgeon’s specialties.  Every plastic surgeon has a specialty. Use the internet to find each doctor’s specialty. Look for reconstructive surgeons. These are doctors who specialize in repairing scarring and deformities caused by trauma.
  3. Check the surgeon’s qualifications. While you are using the internet, make sure that the surgeon is a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Members of ABPS must meet certain minimum qualifications. Other plastic surgery certifying boards are not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.
  4. Schedule an appointment. Meet the doctor before scheduling any work. This will give you chance to see if you are comfortable working with the doctor. If you don’t feel right, or if you are scheduled to meet with a nurse or salesperson, find another plastic surgeon. You don’t want to work with a doctor that you can’t trust.
  5. Ask questions. Use the appointment to ask questions about the doctor’s qualifications and the procedure. Here are some questions to ask:
    • Where did you study?
    • What is your specialty
    • Why did you choose this specialty?
    • How long have you been practicing?
    • Have you treated injuries like mine?
    • How many surgeries do you perform each year?
    • How many surgeries are for injuries like mine?
    • Do you have before-and-after pictures?
    • What treatment do you recommend for my scars?
    • Are there other options?
    • What kind of anesthesia will you use?
    • Do you work with an anesthesiologist?
    • What can I expect from the surgery?
    • How long will it take to recover after the surgery?
    • What kind of results will I see?
    • Are there any possible risks or complications?

How will you pay for your reconstructive surgery? Our Allentown dog bite attorneys help Pennsylvania dog bite victims get all the compensation they need to cover their medical expenses, including reconstructive surgery. To learn more, contact Mednick, Mezyk, and Kredo at 888-807-WORK