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Common Ways Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Paid in Pennsylvania

Workers’ compensation benefit programs vary from state to state; however, most employers pay for benefits in one of three ways. These programs can pay out benefits to injured individuals through state-run insurance programs, payments to an insurance company or directly to workers. Philadelphia workers’ compensation law firm Mednick, Mezyk & Kredo felt it helpful to provide information on these three programs to understand where your benefits may be coming from.

State-Run Insurance Program

State-run workers’ compensation benefits are often run by the state’s department of labor, commerce, or industrial relations. Employers who opt for state-run insurance programs are often smaller employers or have very few workplace injuries. Payments from state-run insurance programs come from employers’ payments into a state fund that operates much like a state insurance fund. When you receive ongoing benefits, they come from a pool of resources that are collected through premiums from employers across Pennsylvania.

Insurance Companies

Private insurance companies insure many companies throughout the state and work on a premium basis. While not every state allows private insurance companies to insure for workers’ compensation benefits, if your employer has a workers’ compensation insurance policy through an insurance company, benefits are paid out via the insurance company.


Often for companies that are large enough with assets to cover anticipated injuries. Self-insured companies often must adhere to state oversight to ensure proper protocol and procedures are in place to limit workplace injuries. In the event that you work for a company who has opted to self-insure, chances are that they use a third-party administrator to make benefit payments. The third-part administrator processes paperwork and manages the claim. The employer pays out the benefits to the administrator and the administrator sends the funds to the injured employee.

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