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Know When to Involve an Attorney to Help With Your Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Claim

When it comes to workplace injuries in Pennsylvania, it is often what you must endure after that is almost as equally frustrating as being injured in the first place. For many, it is likely the first time they have been injured or contracted an illness that prevents them from going to work, from carrying out a daily life. The inability to work, coupled with mounting medical bills, not only causes a financial strain on an injured worker, but also deeply impacts their and their family’s livelihood.

It can be difficult to know when you may need the help of an attorney with your Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim. The workers’ compensation team at Mednick, Mezyk and Kredo are here to help you understand when you may need a lawyer to help you file your claim.

Facing a Denial

If you have been denied benefits by your employer or your employer’s insurance company, you may appeal their decision. It is best to, if you haven’t already, involve an attorney upon receiving a denial. Appealing is difficult without understanding of the nuances of Pennsylvania law and how it applies to your injury or illness and your work situation.

If You Are a Caretaker

It may be difficult to see your loved one fighting a workplace injury or illness. It is even more difficult to manage the expenses, caretaking responsibilities as well as managing a family without your loved one’s income. By contacting a Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorney, you can help alleviate the additional stress of filing for a claim while we fight to obtain the benefits your loved one is entitled to receive.

The Process Is Complicated

Sadly, the process to obtain workers’ compensation benefits in Pennsylvania is a difficult process to manage on your own. There are firm deadlines, necessary medical information and you can rest assured that the insurance company or your employer will have an attorney on their side. By hiring an attorney, you can focus on your health and recovery while we obtain all the medical evidence and supporting information required to help you win your case.

When it comes to obtaining Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits, it is best to hire an attorney. In all aspects, an attorney can help you better prepare and potentially receive benefits faster than if you had tried to manage the process alone. The experienced legal team at Mednick, Mezyk & Kredo are here to help you with your Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim. Call us today at 888-807-WORK (9675) to schedule your free case evaluation.