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Knowing When You Need a Lawyer for Your Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Accident

As slip and fall accidents and subsequent lawsuits increase, an experienced legal ally is a must for those who have been injured at another’s negligence. But, how do you know when you need a lawyer for a Pennsylvania slip and fall accident? How do you know if your injury substantiates legal action? The skilled Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyers at Mednick, Mezyk & Kredo understand the questions that swirl about your mind after a slip and fall accident and will work tirelessly to dispel your fears.

Understanding when you need a lawyer is as difficult and personal as healing from your injuries. For many, there is a moment where they decide that they can no longer deal with the mounting medical bills or missing income due to lost wages. That moment propels them to pick up the phone and get legal assistance. For others, however, it is hard to tell what circumstances may warrant legal assistance. This article details how to know when you need a lawyer for your Pennsylvania slip and fall accident.

Responsibility & Negligence

Grocery stores, property owners, offices, and apartment buildings all are responsible to provide safe environments. Spilled liquids, slippery floors, and deteriorating conditions all provide dangers underfoot and increase the potential for slip and fall injuries. Property owners are obligated to ensure their premises are safe from harm. If an accident occurs on their property they could face legal ramifications for anyone who injures themselves as a result of adverse conditions.


The severity of your injuries plays a significant role in understanding if you need a lawyer for your slip and fall accident. If you have torn ligaments, broken bones, head injuries, or other injuries that are prohibiting you from work and normal day-to-day activities, seeking legal action is advisable.

Lost Wages & Medical Bills

The financial impact a slip and fall accident can have on an individual or family is often difficult to bear. From medical wages and ongoing physical therapy, to emotional scarring and time out of work, slip and fall injuries can take an immense financial toll. If you are unable to work and paying for your medical bills proves near-impossible, it is wise to seek the counsel of an attorney who is experienced in Pennsylvania slip and fall litigation.


Deciding to pursue legal recourse for the injuries you sustained in a Pennsylvania slip and fall accident is the first step; the second step is deciding where to place your trust. The trusted Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyers of Mednick, Mezyk & Kredo understand the nuances of Pennsylvania law and how to pursue responsible parties for your injuries. They will fight to gain compensation for your medical bills and lost wages while you focus on healing.  Call our offices today at 888-807-WORK (9675) for a free evaluation of your case.