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Painful Workplace Burns: Learn About Burns and How to Be Protected

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, workplace fires and explosions kill 200 and injure over 5,000 workers in the United States each year. The aftermath leaves individuals with long-term health impairments and ailments.

Burns that result in skin damage can severely impact the life and livelihood of an individual and accounts for approximately 5% of workplace deaths. As workplace burn attorneys in Philadelphia, we see three common types of burns occurring in the workplace.

Thermal Burns

Most common in jobs handling hot liquids, steam or fire, thermal burns on the skin occur from exposure to excessively hot objects, water or air.

Electrical Burns

Electrical burns occur when electric current runs through the body, meeting resistance in the body’s tissues, organs and other solid masses. These burns are common among those who work in and around high voltage areas and with live electric current.

Chemical Burns

Though typically the least common, chemical burns can be the most severe. Exposing the skin or eyes to strong acids, alkaloids or other corrosive or caustic chemicals can result in deep burns that erode the skin’s multiple layers quickly.

Burns can range in severity from first- to fourth-degree. Burns regardless of type are measured on the layers of skin that are damaged. First-degree burns involve damage to the outer layer of skin, where fourth-degree burns are the most severe, extending down all layers of the skin and potentially damaging muscle and bone. Individuals who experience a burn accident at work should seek medical attention immediately.

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