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Pennsylvania Law Firm Explains How Often Slip-and-fall Injuries Occur

Second only to vehicle collisions, slip-and-fall accidents occur often and make up the majority of industrial accidents. These types of accidents can happen in a variety of locations such as apartment buildings, homes, offices, museums, parks, restaurants, and stores. The causes of falls are numerous and can happen due to slippery or irregular floors, irregular stair steps, poorly installed handrails, disintegrating and unsafe curbs, poor maintenance, poor design, defective construction, and improper repairs.

When private citizens are walking in a public place, they have the right to be warned about any hazards that they may encounter. Of course they assume some of the risk if, after being warmed, they proceed. If, on the other hand, the danger has been knowingly or carelessly disguised, an accident can possibly be expected. Injuries can occur during several types of falls:

  • When a person encounters a foreign object in their walking path, a trip-and-fall accident could occur
  • When one’s foot encounters an obstruction in the walking surface, be it a tacky spot on the surface or some other kind of defect that obstructs the foot, falling could occur
  • When one’s foot finds an unobserved hole in a walking surface, a fall accident may occur
  • Falls can happen when one’s shoe loses contact with the floor, and the walker’s center of gravity is severely altered

When a person falls onto a fleshy part of their body, striking a hard or uneven surface, the injuries that occur will, in many cases, be minimal.  However if the victim falls and lands on a bony body part of their body, then a more severe injury will likely occur. When a slip-and-fall accident occurs that is not the fault of the injured party, the accident should be properly investigated. It is important that photographs and measurements are taken to completely document the condition of the accident site. A determination should be made concerning which codes and standards may apply, and how the conditions at the site may have violated those codes and standards.

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