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Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Attorney: Philadelphia Workplace Stress Leads to Injury

For many Pennsylvanians, workplace stress is as much a part of their everyday life as their morning commute. While many may write it off as an exchange for their paycheck, stress can have a severe physiological impact on an individual; contributing to a multitude of health issues that may prevent an individual from working and making a living.

What is Workplace Stress?

Workplace stress originates when the resources, capabilities or needs of the employee are not met by the workplace. Over time, the lack of these resources and matches may cause harmful physical and emotional responses that may result in an employee being unable to continue to work within their role.

Health Effects

The impacts of workplace stress can have a severe impact on both the mental and physical health of an employee. Warning signs that workplace stress is affecting your health can include:

  • Headaches
  • Disruption in sleep cycles
  • Short temper
  • Problems with concentration
  • Anxiety
  • Short temper
  • Digestive issues
  • Low morale and job dissatisfaction


Longer-term health impacts can involve musculoskeletal ailments and cardiovascular disease, which can profoundly impact an individual’s life and, in some cases, lead to premature death.

Work and Livelihood Impact

When the effects of job stress compound to cause chronic diseases and long-term physiological effects, an individual’s capacity to continue to work within that role is severely limited. The limitation of being unable to work can result in lost wages and medical payments that may cause further financial and emotional strain.

When an individual is unable to work due to health problems directly caused from their job, the individual, according to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law, may be eligible for compensation. If you believe you are suffering from an illness or injury related to your working conditions, contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney immediately. Your initial consultation with an attorney is free and will allow you to understand your rights under Pennsylvania law. You do not need to navigate the complicated workers’ compensation program alone. For a free detailed case evaluation, contact the skilled Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorneys at Mednick, Mezyk & Kredo.