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Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Attorney: Preventative Measures for Staying Safe in the Workplace

Safety in the Philadelphia workplace can do more than just make you feel at ease. A safety mindset will allow for better working conditions, enabling you to be more productive, and most importantly, prevent dangerous workplace accidents. Thankfully, there are some measures you can take to ensure you and your coworkers are safe each day from violent acts and serious accidents.

The following checklist, while not comprehensive, is intended to help provide the tools to create a safer work environment for all:

  • Keep an eye out for strangers. Do not feel intimidated to ask strangers for identification or to see a visitor’s badge. If you feel threatened or uncomfortable, notify security or a manager immediately.
  • Late nights can happen in the office. Form a buddy system and try to walk with a friend when it’s late at night or dark outside.
  • Awareness of potential workplace violence. If you see signs of potential workplace violence or sexual harassment, report it to your supervisor and the human resources department immediately.
  • Document and report any dimly lit hallways, broken locks, doors or windows and document any broken or flickering lights.
  • Ask about and ensure your company has an emergency plan. It includes where to meet in the event of an evacuation, as well as how to respond to a multitude of emergency situations.
  • Ensure management buy-in. When management and staff are working together to create a safe environment, policies and procedures are more likely to be implemented and have a higher success rate.


All employees deserve a safe working environment. If you suspect there are issues with your work environment, do not hesitate to speak with your manager or human resources staff. Employees have the right to be safe from harm and workplace injury.

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