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Steps to Take After a Loved One Has Been Killed in a Philadelphia Workplace Accident

The sudden impact of losing a loved one from a Philadelphia workplace accident is often impossible to bear. Adding to the grief and extreme loss is the financial strain from the sudden loss of income, medical bills and funeral and burial expenses. While it is often not first on your mind, hiring an attorney to handle a claim for benefits from a fatal Philadelphia accident can help you and your family in the long run.

Gather the Facts

The circumstances with which your loved one was fatally hurt on the job in Pennsylvania can go a long way to determine what your next steps are legally. Obtain the records regarding how the accident occurred and provide them to your attorney to help determine your next steps.

Know Your Options

If defective equipment or a third party (not the employer or another coworker) was to blame for a work-related illness or injury, you may have legal grounds to sue for negligence. If the accident or illness was a result of negligence by a coworker or employer, or your loved one, the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation program can help provide death benefits regardless of fault.

Hiring an Attorney

Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys will work with you to help you obtain benefits. Your attorney will compile evidence, adhere to deadlines and ensure your and your family gets the benefits you are entitled to receive. Benefits can help cover funeral and burial expenses as well as any medical bills incurred and ongoing survivor benefits that serve to help your family on an ongoing basis.

The emotional strain after losing a loved one in a fatal workplace accident is beyond understanding. And while no amount of money can serve to fill the void of the loss of your loved one, it can alleviate some stress placed on your family. Our experienced Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorneys are here to help you and your family in this time of need. Call us today at 888-807-WORK (9675) to consult with an attorney to determine your next steps and understand your rights. We offer a FREE consultation to discuss your sensitive situation.