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Three Good Reasons to Report an Allentown Dog Bite

Reporting a Pennsylvania Dog bite is easy.

If you have been bitten by a dog in Pennsylvania, your first step should be to get medical care. Your next step should be to report the dog. This is easy. You simply call the city or county animal control, or you contact the Sheriff’s department. To reach Allentown Animal Control, call 610-437-7535.

Three good reasons to report a Pennsylvania dog attack.

If your injuries are minor, you may feel that reporting the dog is unnecessary. Our Allentown dog bite lawyers believe there are three good reasons to report a dog bite, even for minor injuries:

  1. To prevent future dog bites:  Biting is rarely a one-time behavior. The dog that attacked you is likely to bite again. The next victim may not be so lucky.
  2. Previous victims may come forward: Dogs that bite often have a history of aggression. Once a dog bite is reported, other victims may call animal control about prior attacks from the same dog.
  3. To protect your injury claim: When a dog in Pennsylvania bites you, the dog owner is usually liable for your medical expenses. The costs are covered by his home owner’s insurance. The insurance company is less likely to hassle you if you report the bite.

What happens when you report a Pennsylvania dog bite?

After you call Animal Control, an officer will be sent to investigate the dog attack. The officer will cite the dog owner, and the dog will be quarantined for ten days. If the dog attacked without provocation, it may be designated a dangerous dog.

Dangerous dogs must be properly restrained and muzzled when they are off the owner’s property. If another attack occurs, the dog could be put down.

What you may not know is that you don’t have to wait for a dog bite to occur in order to report a dangerous dog in Pennsylvania. You can report any dog that shows threatening or menacing behavior toward a person or animal. Reporting a dog will help document a history of aggressiveness, should a dog bite occur in the future.

The Allentown dog bite attorneys at Mednick, Mezyk, and Kredo help Pennsylvania dog bite victims get justice and fair compensation after a dog attack. To learn more about your rights after a Pennsylvania dog attack, contact us at 888-807-WORK