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Where the Sidewalk Ends and Your Slip-and-Fall Case Begins

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen at any time during the year. Imagine it’s just a normal day and you’re walking down the street and you slip and fall. You didn’t fall because you were in a hurry or are clumsy; you fell because the sidewalk was cracked and uneven. You are now in intense pain and your injury may even keep you from going back to work or leading your daily routine.

Sidewalk accidents are difficult cases to win. Plenty of people walk on them and don’t fall, so it could seem like it was your fault. But that is not true.


Property owners are responsible for providing safe spaces for people to walk. Here are some reasonable questions to ask when a sidewalk accident occurs:

  • Was the sidewalk kept in a reasonably safe condition?
  • Was the defective part of the sidewalk in an unreasonably safe place?
  • Did the injured person use ordinary care when walking on the sidewalk?


Sidewalk slip-and-fall cases are difficult to prove negligence, and typically involve engineers, architects, and other specialists to help win your case. Sidewalks do not need to be kept in perfect condition because that would be an unreasonable task to require. But, property owners do need to maintain their sidewalks to avoid hazards or major flaws in the sidewalk structure.

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