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Nail Guns Pose Serious Threat to Construction Workers in Pennsylvania


Often used in building and construction trades to increase productivity, nail guns are a serious threat for on-the-job injuries. While you may not immediately think that nail guns are inherently dangerous, misuse or lack of understanding how nail guns work could result in serious workplace injuries.

Causes of Injury

Misuse, mishandling or improper technique can lead to injuries from a nail gun. Nail guns that may not be functioning properly and simple carelessness could also cause a serious threat. Often, serious injury from a nail gun happens when the injured individual is exposed to a contaminated environment. Another threat for serious infection and injury is contact with nails with metal barbs or plastic casings that may get lodged in the skin and cause infection.

Types of Injury

Aside from the obvious injuries that may occur when a nail gun is shot at the head, chest or other sensitive areas, nail guns can cause other serious injuries. In most instances, nail guns affect the upper and lower limbs, causing damage to soft tissues, tendons, and the small bones of the hands and feet.


In serious cases, treatment could include antibiotics, surgery, and long-term physical therapy. In most cases, the injured individual should seek out emergency medical care to limit the risk of infection and ensure that there is no harm to the surrounding area.

Injuries from nail guns can cause an employee to be out on average at least two weeks—often longer. If you have been injured on the job, you may be eligible for Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. Call us today at 888-807-WORK (9675) for a free consultation.

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