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Dirty Dozens Trumpeter Bitten By Dog

Posted on 12/9/2012

A dog at an Atlanta motel has attacked Efrem Towns, the trumpet player for the Dirty Dozen Brass Band.

Towns had knocked on the door of baritone saxophone player Roger Lewis’ room when a Rottweiler burst out of an open motel room door and attacked him. The dog’s owner ran out of the room and they were able to calm the dog down and get it off of Towns.

“I didn’t know if it was a dog, wolverine, bear, mongoose, or what. I just knew something had me,” Towns said.

Towns was taken to Atlanta’s Grady Hospital where he received 30 stitches in his groin. The trumpeter has health insurance through his wife, Tracie, and plans to see a urologist very soon. He has already missed performances and thinks he may be sidelined for longer than a month.

The band hit the scene in 1977 and some credit them with creating the contemporary, funk-infused brass band sound. Dirty Dozen Brass Band has been featured on albums with David Bowie, Elvis Costello, and the Black Crowes.

Towns says that he’s currently very uncomfortable and is basically immobilized—though he thinks he could probably practice his trumpet while he’s out of commission.

Surprisingly enough, Towns isn’t upset with the dog that hurt him and he still loves dogs. He has three miniature schnauzers of his own, a standard schnauzer, and a mixed breed. He says that he is a dog person and he hopes that, even though he was bitten, the dog that attacked him will not be euthanized.

The Pennsylvania dog attack lawyers at Mednick, Mezyk and Kredo are pleased to hear that Mr. Towns will recover from his injuries. We would like to remind readers that dog attacks can occur in our community without any apparent provocation. When an animal attack happens, call 215-545-1870 or 1-888-807-WORK for a free consultation from experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorneys.

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