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Male Pedestrian Struck by State Trooper in Dewey Beach

Posted on 5/28/2013

Brian McDermott of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania was walking on the edge of the Coastal Highway in Dewey Beach when he was hit by a state trooper.

Brian McDermott, 24-years-old, was walking in the right travel lane of the Coastal Highway. At 1:15 am on May 26 he was struck state police cruiser. The state trooper reported that McDermott was straddling the edge of the edge of the road. The police car that hit McDermott was operated by a 27-year-old trooper from Lewes. The state trooper offered Brian McDermott medical attention until the emergency medical technicians stepped in to provide medical care. Brian McDermott was in critical condition and flown to Christiana Hospital.

The police say the accident is still under investigation. They are not offering too much information about the accident other then they believe that Brian McDermott had been drinking before he started walking down Coastal Highway.

The staff at Mednick, Mezyk & Kredo send their healing thoughts to McDermott and his family while he is getting the medical care that he needs.

Hitting a pedestrian is a serious offense. Drivers have a responsibility to drive defensively and cautiously to keep from hitting pedestrians. Any person who has been hit by a car while walking down the street should contact an attorney for legal advice. Pedestrians have rights, and it’s important to have legal guidance when fighting for compensation.

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