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New Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Filing Program Facing Major Glitches

Posted on 11/22/2013

A concerning issue has emerged with the newly revamped Pennsylvania online workers’ compensation filing system. The new system aims to make filing for, appealing, and checking in on decisions easier, quicker and more streamlined. However, the recent roll out has been anything but.

The new system has caused a severe delay in uploading important documents to the system and, in some cases, caused paperwork to disappear entirely. As of October 21st, when the problems were brought to the forefront, the state Department of Labor and Industry is actively seeking out a solution to the glitches. The agency’s spokeswoman, Sara Goulet, explained that glitches like these are common among big, new online systems, but will ultimately make the paperwork process more efficient.

The glitches and problems with the system has resulted in injured workers being unable to schedule hearings and in a few cases, miss notification of decisions on their case entirely. As workers’ compensation attorneys in Pennsylvania, this is extremely unsettling for the clients that we seek to serve.

If you are experiencing problems applying for benefits or submitting paperwork for an appeal, you do not need to handle this complicated process alone. The Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys at Mednick, Mezyk & Kredo are here to assist you and handle the process for you. When you hire our attorneys, we will ensure that your paperwork is filed on time and accurately, while you focus on your health and rehabilitation. Call us today at 215-545-1870 or 888-807-WORK (9675) for a FREE consultation.

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