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Pennsylvania Man Caught in a Trench in Maryland Workplace Accident

Posted on 10/22/2013

A recent workplace accident in Frederick County, Maryland, has left a Pennsylvania man injured. The 49-year-old construction employee was working in a muddy trench in the Lake Linganore neighborhood where he was trapped when a water pipe burst.

Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue Services spokesman Doug Brown explained that the man, who’s name is currently being withheld due to privacy laws, was flown to R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore for treatment. Brown went on further to explain that by the time the emergency crew had responded on the scene, water had reached the man’s neck and was rising.

When emergency crews arrived on the scene around 3pm on Tuesday, September 24th, their main focus was to keep the construction worker’s airway clear, while simultaneously attempting to shut off the burst water main. After an hour, public works were able to turn the water off to allow rescuers to focus their efforts on freeing the trapped worker.

About a half hour later, Montgomery and Howard county emergency response crews arrived on the scene. Thankfully, a team of firefighters from Montgomery County had training in trench rescues and was able to set up commands to help free the construction worker. Administering supplemental oxygen and working to keep the worker alert, rescue teams worked to shore up the ground that had collapsed and trapped the worker.

According to Division of Fire and Rescue Services Chief Denise Pouget, emergency responders had a difficult time freeing one of the man’s legs, but thankfully, did not need to resort to amputation. At around 6:15pm, with the help of 65 rescue workers, the man was extracted from the trench. Pouget thanked the rescue crews for their hard work by stating in a press release, “I am extremely proud of the response today that led to a successful outcome with the victim rescued.”

On behalf of all of the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys at Mednick, Mezyk & Kredo, we wish this man a speedy and full recovery and praise the work of the emergency crews from Frederick, Montgomery and Howard Counties.

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