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Philadelphia Man Charged after Fraudulent Slip-and-fall Claim

Posted on 6/17/2013

Insurance fraud occurs when a person uses the personal injury claim process to obtain benefits that they are not entitled to receive. According to CBS Channel 3 news, a Philadelphia man is facing charges of insurance fraud and attempted theft by deception after filing fake insurance claims for injuries.

In 2011, 55-year-old Lance Henderson of Philadelphia sued Fresh Grocer for an injury that allegedly occurred at a Fresh Grocer store in West Philadelphia. Henderson claimed in his suit that a piece of metal sticking out of a freezer caused him to rip his shoe. The damaged shoe made him fall. He asked for compensation for 25 doctor’s office visits resulting from the fall.

Investigators say that store video shows the accident did not occur, and there is no record of Henderson falling during the 2011 visit to the store, and the shoe showed no evidence of rips, tears, or other damage.

Henderson also filed a lawsuit against the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) for injuries he claimed occurred in May 2012. According to the Pennsylvania personal injury lawsuit, Henderson sustained serious injuries after his foot got stuck in the rear door of a bus.  He claimed that he was left on the floor, screaming for help, until the door was opened.  Henderson requested compensation for 44 doctor’s office visits for treatment of pain in his shoulder, back, hip, knee, and ankle.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s office says that bus surveillance video shows the accident never happened.

Insurance fraud costs the American public more than $80 billion a year. It also makes it more difficult for those who suffer genuine injuries to get the compensation they deserve. Instead of receiving timely compensation for their injuries, many Pennsylvania slip-and-fall accident victims must hire Philadelphia personal injury attorneys to prove that the injuries they suffered really did occur.

Henderson was scheduled to appear in court June 4.

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