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Philly Man Sleeping in Road Dragged Under Car for Two Blocks

Posted on 5/30/2013

On May 27 a man who was asleep on a Kensington street in Philadelphia was dragged almost two blocks in a hit and run accident.


The 45-year-old victim was hit in the 600 block of East Ontario Street at around 4:00 a.m. A car came around the corner and struck the man. The man was then stuck underneath the car and dragged for nearly two blocks before being dislodged from under the car at the intersection near Crystal Street. The vehicle that dragged the man then sped off. The victim was taken to Temple University hospital. It is unclear at the moment if he is in critical or serious condition; however, he is receiving the medical care he needs at this time.


A witness saw the man lying, asleep, in the middle of the street. The witness attempted to wake the man, but when his efforts failed, he was about to dial 911 when he saw the car come around the corner.  Reportedly the witness tried to stop the car, but was unable to do so.


The police are looking for a dark car, possibly a blue Chrysler, with a silver trim. They believe that it could be a private taxi or a limo that hit the man while he was lying in the road.


Hit-and-run accidents leave behind victims who deserve a chance to fight their attackers. We hope for the victim’s sake that the identity of the driver is discovered.

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