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Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey Pushes for SSA Pilot Extension


Last summer, the Social Security Administration unveiled a pilot program aimed at preventing convicted criminals from becoming managers of another’s Social Security benefits.

According to Senator Bob Casey, the program has protected dozens of Social Security beneficiaries by screening the individuals who collect checks on their behalf. The screening program was developed after a convicted killer on parole allegedly held several mentally disabled people captive in Philadelphia in order to cash their Social Security benefits checks.

Senator Casey sees the potential for the program to be implemented nationwide to help protect more disabled individuals who place their trust in “representative payees.” Representative payees receive benefits on behalf of people who cannot collect or manage benefits for themselves. An estimated 5.6 million representative payees collect benefits for 7.5 million beneficiaries throughout the United States.

Casey advised Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue to provide an outline for a revamped screening program to help protect more of these representative payees from criminals convicted of violent crimes and fraud. Since the program’s inception, 100 people have been screened out of the program due to violent or fraudulent convictions. Casey hopes that the program will help others throughout the country be better protected from dangerous criminals and provide the Social Security Administration access to better criminal databases like the FBI.

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