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SEPTA Bus Accident in Philadelphia Injures Many


Today, a SEPTA bus accident occurred at the corner of 15th and Chestnut Streets. The SEPTA bus was turning struck a car and slammed into a building. Reports are that numerous riders on the bus involved in the accident suffered injuries. Paramedics on the scene were removing riders on backboards and stretchers and taking them to local hospitals.

As the founder of, I hear about accidents involving  SEPTA buses and trolleys every week. This accident, however, caught my attention more than most. Why would the bus be traveling into a turn at a speed that it could ever strike a building? The driver had to have been going well above a reasonable speed for this to occur. This driver had no regard for the numreous passengers on his or her bus that depend on the driver to take them to their destination SAFELY.  Accidents happen but if you are driving a commercial vehicle with your number one concern being public and transit riders safety then you should never be turning at a speed in which you can hit a car and run into a building.

Category: Motor Vehicle Accidents

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