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SEPTA Trolley Victim Awarded Over Half a Million Dollars


SEPTA gambled at trial and lost. Michael Mednick, from represented a client who was involved in a SEPTA trolley accident. The accident occurred on Lancaster Avenue at 46th Street. The SEPTA vehicle was on trolley tracks and had no traffic controls. Another vehicle came from a stop sign at 46th Street and into the path of the SEPTA trolley causing a violent collision. SEPTA took the position that it had no liability in the accident and failed to make any offers until shortly before trial, more than 2 years after the accident.

The driver of the car carried a minimum insurance policy which totaled $30,000 for all injured people on the trolley, including attorney Mednick’s client. On July 27, 2009, a Philadelphia Jury returned a verdict in favor of the “client” for $550,000 and most importantly, found SEPTA’s trolley operator 40% responsible for the verdict.
As a quasi-state entity, SEPTA is afforded protection by Pennsyvania State Immunity Statutes which caps their exposure to $250,000. The lawfirm is currently looking at potential claims against the insurance company for the car driver in an effort to collect the entire verdict.

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