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What You Need to Know Before Applying for Pennsylvania SSD Benefits


Applying for Pennsylvania Social Security disability benefits can be a difficult, complex and confusing process. Our experience as SSD attorneys allows us to understand how to present medical evidence and, if need be, prepare compelling testimony. We also have a strong comprehension of what the Social Security Administration (SSA) needs to see in order to determine your eligible for benefits. Here are some important information on what you need to know before you apply for SSD benefits.

Application & Interview

This initial application is either filled out online or with a representative in a Social Security office. Upon filling out the application, you will meet with a representative to complete an in-person interview. The interview may take place in person or over the telephone and lasts about an hour.

How Disability Is Determined

According to the SSA, there is a strict definition detailing disability. To be found disabled by the SSA, you must be “unable to do any substantial work because of your medical condition(s),” AND “your medical condition(s) must have lasted, or expected to last, at least one year, or be expected to result in your death.” Of course, detailed medical evidence is necessary to prove that these two conditions are met under your disability claim.

Anticipate a Lengthy Process

On average, the SSA states that it takes approximately three to five months to receive a decision on your initial application. However, hold-ups with medical records or missing information could require further investigation, increasing the wait time. Appeal processes can also have long wait times, especially when needing to meet before a judge.

You do not need to go through this process alone. Hiring our experienced Philadelphia Social Security disability attorneys will allow you to focus on your health and rehabilitation while we put our resources to work obtaining the benefits you need and deserve. Call us today at 888-807-WORK (9675) for a free consultation.

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