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Pennsylvania Dog Owners: Prevent Dangerous Dog Bites With These Five Tips


It’s hard to imagine that our beloved pet dogs are capable of lashing out and biting, causing severe injury, yet over four million people experience a dog attack each year. While it may seem improbable, there are certain things that cause dogs to lash out. Thankfully, there are five easy things that every dog owner can do to help prevent Philadelphia dog bites.

  • Spaying and Neutering – Especially important in male dogs and female mothers, spaying and neutering reduces the aggressive tendencies in both male and female dogs.
  • Supervise Your Dog – Dogs who are left alone often feel uncertain and immediately go on the defensive. They may also in some cases feel overly confident and increase aggressive tendencies. It is especially important to supervise young children with dogs at all times.
  • Train and Socialize Your Dog – Ensure that your dog has “good manners” with all members of your family, around other animals and when interacting with others in the public. Socialization results in a dog that is well-adjusted and more comfortable with new surroundings.
  • Restrain Your Dog – Dogs who are allowed to run loose may often think that the area that they roam is their “territory.” This may result in overly aggressive behavior and cause them to attack.
  • Unchain Your Dog – Chaining your dog to a location increases stress, protectiveness and vulnerability, which in turn increases the chance of an attack by 2.8 times than that of dogs that are not tethered.


As Philadelphia dog bite attorneys, we understand how a dog attack can turn lives upside down. Severe, life-altering and life-threatening injuries can happen in a split second and may need years to recover from. If you or someone you love has been attacked by a dog in Philadelphia, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering. Call us today at 888-807-WORK (9675) for a free consultation.

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